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In 1967, a new product was born to fulfil the needs of a much loved mother. She was very cold in a wheelchair and her son Mr Leslie F Ward, a Master Tailor, created a leg bag made from quilted nylon. This was far better than travel rugs, with their tassels to get caught in the wheels, as it was warm, dry and safe.

This Comfy Cover, as it was to become known, was created on a cutting table in a Bridlington tailors. The cover was seen by many other wheelchair users during promenade walks, orders soon followed. A back bag and a cushion were quickly developed. These were the first teetering steps of a new business. The company had a range of 3 products.

This embryonic business ran alongside the tailoring business, gradually gaining recognition and sales. In 1980 the business became bigger than the tailoring business and moved to a dedicated factory in Providence Place.

In January 1983, Mr Peter Ward, leaves Shell Tankers to join the company, as Cheryl his wife is now pregnant with Richard (we will come back to him later). The need to pay an additional salary fuels the need to expand and develop new products. This evolutionary period led to some creative thinking and some of the products no longer exist, but the customer led approach to product development still is embedded within the DNA of the company, with Peter still involved in the design of bespoke products to suit individual customer requirements.

August 1984, Mr Les Ward is confident in Peter’s ability to run the company and stands down to enjoy his retirement. The company now has a range of 10 products.

April 1988, the company relocates to a larger factory. The company now has a range of 18 products.

June 1993, the growth of the product range continues, the company has a range of 66 products and is forced to relocate again to larger premises.

July 1996, the company has moved from a wholly mail order company to mainly supplying the retail trade, with about 10 % mail order. This change of focus brings its own problems and Cheryl, Peter’s wife joins the company to manage the credit control side of the business. The company now has 103 products.

October 2001, a limited company is formed and the company is rebranded as Kozee Komforts, and an even larger factory / warehouse is purchased, providing 15,000 sq ft, of office / warehouse accommodation.

October 2002, Richard, mentioned in 1983, now joins the company having qualified in engineering and fabrication. He takes on the roll of product development.

August 2006, the company opens an office in Ningbo, China. Richard grasps the opportunity to run the office and work with the Chinese to develop the ever increasing range of products.

December 2010, Richard and his new wife Sophia return to the UK to commence the accession process. Richard has now gained experience in all sectors of the business and Sophia has a proven history in business administration.

January 2011, Richard is appointed as Joint Managing Director, the future looks bright with this new generation at the helm. The company now has over 1000 product lines.