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Kowsky Crutches - Anatomic Soft Handle (Crutches & Accessories)
Product Code: RAINBOW-O

Colour availability:
- Black
- Blue
- Pink
- Purple
Size availability:
Product weight:
- 1.294 kg

Product description:

Kowsky have been manufacturing crutches for over 100 years, during this time they have honed their products to meet the needs of their customers. They are manufactured and assembled in Germany which ensures the highest quality is achieved. The manufacturers have achieved the ISO 9001 Quality Award.

We are pleased to offer their finest Soft Grip Anatomic Handle, they ensure that the users weight is spread more evenly across the palm, reducing the discomfort associated with the use of crutches. They are supplied with the open cuff, which is a one-piece moulding to prevent any irritating sharp edges. They are height adjustable by the use of a simple to operate push button and the shaft grip prevents that annoying clicking when they are being used.

These have been a very exclusive brand that has not been widely available in the UK, although they are well known and widely used on the continent. Not only are they the most comfortable crutch that we have ever had the pleasure of selling, but as they are colour co-ordinated and available in a wide range of colours.

The combination of quality design and materials means that these are amongst the lightest crutches on the market. So if you require a good quality, comfortable, stylish and quiet pair of crutches, then these are the ones for you.

- Cuff to grip - 9" (23cm).
- Grip to ground (height adjustment) - 29?" to 37?" (75cm to 95cm).

- 1.26kg (1260g).
- Max user limit 22st (140kg).

- Plastic parts: Polyamide.
- Tubes: Aluminium.
- Rubber Tips: natural rubber with steel reinforcement.